Making Money During Recession

Hello everyone. As you know all know, this year is a difficult period as it is a recession period. Lots of people been planning or thinking whether its a good time to make money.

A recession is possibly the time to launch a new business. During recession businesses do poorly especially businesses that don’t provide stuff we really need.

We become sensitive in receiving genuine value. When we spend money, we want to make we’re getting the value. Businesses that provide genuine value can actually do better during recession. More people will flock to those businesses in tough times.

Lots of people are into making more money. They join or promote useless MLM schemes, and fall prey to scammers. The common pattern is always the same. Trying to make more money. Its their top priority.

Its nothing wrong with making lots of money but it has to be with real value and sustainable. Instead of focusing on trying to make more money, put time and energy into creating and delivering real value. Find a way to find out what the people wants and needs.

By creating value, expresses unique talents and skills in way that can potentially benefit others. As for delivering value, ensuring that people are actually receiving and benefiting from the value created. If you don’t do both; then it’s going to be hard for you to generate sustainable income, especially during a recession.

If you only create value but don’t deliver it, then your value isn’t being received by anyone. So how can you receive value (such as money) in return? On the other hand, if you only deliver value but don’t create it, then you’re delivering someone else’s value. In the short run it is not a terrible approach but it’s a short-sighted long-term strategy if this is all you do. There’s nothing special about delivering other people’s value. Anyone can do it.

The most viable long-term strategy is to create and deliver value. You can mix and match other strategies with it, but this should be your primary method of income generation. If you’re good at creating and delivering value, you can basically write your own ticket and enjoy lots of abundance.

People who create and deliver value are doing better during recession as comparison to people who do the opposite way. Those not creating and delivering value are seeing their finances grow worse. This leads them to panic, so they head even further away from creating and delivering value (such as by chasing lame money-making schemes), which only quickens the decline to insolvency.

I know it seems logical that if you’re seeing your finances decline, then you should focus single-mindedly on trying to make more money as quickly as possible.

The correct strategy is that when you see your finances decline and you want to increase your income, then you need to focus on creating and delivering more value. If you do that, then you’re doing the very thing that will generate a sustainable income increase.

What is money? Money is simply a medium for exchanging value. Money is what you receive in exchange for the value you create and deliver. If you can increase your outflow of value creation and delivery, you can increase your inflow of money received. If you try to increase the inflow of money without increasing the outflow of value, you’re trying to get something for nothing.

So how does one generate income from creating and delivering value? Making money is the easy part. If you can create and deliver value to people, the income opportunities will literally come to you. People will practically line up with ways for you to make money.

If you’re good at creating value, you can connect with other people who are good at delivering value. They deliver your value such as by selling it, and they pay you a royalty, commission, or licensing fee.

Now if you’re good at delivering value, you can generate income by plugging other people’s value into your delivery system. It doesn’t require a lot of work to do this. Once you have a system for delivering value, you can plug other people’s value into it and generate lots of extra income.

If you have the means to create and deliver strong value, you’ll have so many opportunities. You can plug the value you create into other people’s delivery systems, so you can earn ongoing royalties and such. You generate residual income.

Apart from that you can plug other people’s creative value into your own delivery system. You pay them a royalty on the sales, or they pay you as an affiliate. Once again you generate ongoing residual income. As long as you’re selective about the products you promote, doing your best to ensure that they provide strong value, everyone is happy, and everyone wins.

You can also plug your value into your own delivery system. It simply means that you could create and sell your own products direct.

Once you develop the habit of creating and delivering value, it’s pretty hard to fail. However, it’s very easy to get distracted along the way. You have to stay focused on creating and delivering value. Everything that detracts from this focus should be viewed as an expense, obstacle, or just plain evil.

Trying to make money is itself a distraction. When you focus on making money, too many things will catch your eye. You’ll run around like a chicken with its head cut off, chasing down all sorts of things that look like opportunities. You’ll waste a lot of time and energy if you chase dollars.

Creating and delivering value is simpler. This focus is well-aligned with truth, love, and power. When you create and deliver value, you can be open and honest about what you’re doing. You get to spend most of your time doing stuff you’d naturally enjoy. It’s also very empowering to share your value with others and to see that you’re making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Once you make a habit of creating and delivering value as your primary career focus, you won’t want to go back.

I hope this article helps. Important to remember: create value and deliver value.

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