Energetics? What Is It?

The study of the energy…

No, not oil, gas and solar panels… The energies about which I write, are the unseen vibrations of life, the very core and essence of all that exists in our world – This is the world of quantum physics, but if you are seeking information from a scientific perspective, this article is not for you. I am writing about the world from an energetic perspective. We think our world is solid, but it is not; it is made up of moving molecules of vibration. They affect us and we affect them.

ENERGETICS studies and uses the unseen moving molecules of vibration that make up all life as well as its interactive effects. It helps us to more deeply and accurately understand the world in which we live. There is so much in our world that we miss by focusing solely on what we identify and substantiate with our five senses. I have been learning about the world beyond physical world; I want to share that unseen, but oh-so-real and oh-so-relevant energetic world.



I consider myself an Energy Worker.

I allow my body to be the conduit or vehicle for the energies from ‘other’ dimensions. These energies exist in the realms of our extra-sensory perception. They come from beyond the Third Dimension.

As an Energy Worker I let those other dimensional energies play through me to do unseen, positive and I believe, essential work on the planet.


Let me try to explain. I was in France recently. It was market day, my favorite day of the week. I love wandering leisurely amongst the stalls, breathing in the smells of the marketplace, the scent of the flowers for sale, the heady aroma of freshly baked bread, or the range of colors in the vegetable market, the array of fish at the fish mongers -the color, movement, sounds and smells. I love buying my still warm rotisserie chicken and fresh veggies and going home for lunch on the back terrace, overlooking fields of sunflowers. What could be better?

But that was only a small part of what I was doing at that marketplace that morning…

What you just read was a three dimensional description of what took place. Beyond, beneath or around those activities were the unseen energies of the subtle realms, where the energetic cleansing, clearing and harmonizing efforts of the Energy Worker occur.

Every person with whom I interacted, came to the market with a clear or not so clear energy field. The vibrations moving through them for many different reasons created the overall quality of the energies they carried. My job was to allow the other dimensional energies to pulse out from my body in such a steady harmonious way that the chaotic or unharmonious vibrations around me synchronized to my beat, to my vibration, and created a calmer, clearer field around us both. I think of myself as a COSMIC VACUUM CLEANER. Go ahead and laugh – it is really a very apt description. That now cleansed, more balanced field enables the optimum that can occur in that field to actually unfold. Folks feel better – calmer- less anxious, though they may have no conscious understanding of why. No, I don’t impose my goals on the field; I only hold the intention that the most appropriate goals for the most people occur in that time and at that place. Et voila… one of the many jobs of the Energy Worker. Oh yes, there are many more… but that’s for another article.

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